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For Patients

Lymphedema Therapy Reimagined for Real Life

DayspringTM is a wearable active compression system that enables everyday movement and mobility. It is designed for comfort using soft, breathable, and low-profile materials and portable so you can perform treatment at home or on the go.

Dayspring Therapy carrying case

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Dayspring Therapy controller

Tips on Using Your Dayspring System

See the latest Dayspring Directions for Use for more information



Am I a good candidate for Dayspring?

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The Dayspring system is a FDA cleared, prescription-only, active gradient sequential compression solution indicated for the treatment of lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and reducing wound healing time. For full prescribing information see the Directions for Use.

Designed to be used at home or on-the-go, Dayspring provides patients with the freedom to move during treatment. Contact us at to learn more.

How does the Dayspring system provide active compression?

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Dayspring is a wearable active compression system built on an innovative, mobile platform using patented Flexframe™ technology. The Dayspring garment contains Flexframes—spring-like segments—embedded with highly durable shape memory alloy that contract and relax when powered by the Dayspring controller.

What comes with my Dayspring system and what materials are used?

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The Dayspring system comes with the following:

  • Programmable smart controller
  • Segmented garment
  • 2 gauntlets and 2 liners
  • Directions for use
  • Compact carrying case
  • An optional digital companion, the Koya app

The Dayspring system uses comfortable and breathable materials. 

  • The Controller is constructed from professional grade materials commonly used in high-end consumer electronics. 
  • The Garment is made from breathable fabric mesh designed to maximize comfort and cleaning, comes in a variety of sizes, and is fitted to a patient’s requirements or made to measure.
  • The Gauntlet and Liner are made of moisture-wicking, cool and dry materials that balances comfort with easy donning and doffing. See the Dayspring System Overview for more information.

Has Dayspring been evaluated in clinical studies?

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In two separate clinical studies, the Dayspring system has shown to be safe and effective in maintaining limb volume and improving the quality of life. Early results of these two studies were presented during the 2020 British Lymphology Society’s Annual Meeting and the American Venous and Lymphatic Society 34th Annual Congress.

Click here for more clinical information.

How Can I Get A Dayspring System?

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The Dayspring system is available through a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider. The product is currently available in select US markets. To see if Dayspring is available in your area, please contact

If you are a healthcare provider, please contact for more information or request a consultation. 

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