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Research & Publications

Koya Medical is committed to transforming lymphedema and venous care. We are actively developing clinical evidence and partnering with leading clinicians, researchers, and institutions around the world as we continue to bring innovations to this space.

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Active Wearable Compression Versus Advanced Pneumatic Compression Study

Safety and effectiveness of novel active compression device (Dayspring®) was evaluated and compared with a traditional calibrated gradient pneumatic compression pump for treating BCRL (N=52)1


Significant Improvement in Treatment Adherence

Adherence to Dayspring treatment was 95.6% compared to 49.8% with using a traditional compression pump (p<0.001)


Significant Improvement in Mean Edema Volume Reduction

Mean reduction in edema volume was 64.6% for those using Dayspring compared to 27.7% using a traditional compression pump (p<0.001)


Significant Improvement in Quality of Life (LYMQOL)

Statistically significant improvement in quality of life for those using Dayspring (2.44 points over baseline, p<0.001) compared to those using a traditional compression pump.


Strong Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction with using Dayspring was 90% compared to 14% with use of a traditional compression pump (p<0.001)*

*Percentage of patients who responded to somewhat satisfied or better at the conclusion of each device's treatment period

1Rockson,SG. A Multi-Center RCT Cross-Over Study Evaluating Active Wearable Compression versus Advanced Pneumatic Compression Device for Lymphedema. AVLS 2021 Congress

Dayspring Study

A Non-randomized, Open-Label Study to Evaluate the Safety and Effectiveness of an Active Smart Wearable Compression Technology for Treating Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema, a pilot study  (N=40)2
DOI: 10.1089/lrb.2020.0126

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Preferred dayspring

>90% of study participants preferred study device to existing active compression devices

  • Demonstrated safe and effective use without any adverse events
  • Limb volume was maintained or reduced after 28 days of use
  • Observed 98% adherence over the course of study
LYMQOL Overall Quality of Life
Overall Quality of Life graph
Volume Maintenance
Volume maintenance graph

2 Rockson, SG.; Karaca-Mandic, P.; Skoracki, R.; Hock, K.; Nguyen, M.; Shadduck, K.; Gingerich, P.; Campione, E.; Leifer, A.; Armer, J. Clinical Evaluation of a Novel Wearable Compression Technology in the Treatment of Lymphedema, An Open-Label Controlled Study. Lymphatic Research and Biology 2021, In press.

NIR Study

An imaging study using indocyanine green (ICG) to visualize and evaluate lymphatic response associated with pre and post Dayspring active compression.3

Pre-use arm image
Post use arm image, shows lymph movement
  • Observed lymphatic transport in all subjects post device use
  • Observed subject mobility and treatment limb movement during device use
  • No adverse events reported

3 Wigg J.Near-Infrared (NIR) imaging study of the lymphatic movement in patients with Lymphedem. British Lymphology Society. 2020.

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