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Reimagining Compression Therapy for Lymphedema and Venous Disease: A Podcast with Outcomes Rocket MedTech

Outcomes Rocket MedTech Podcast: Reimagining compression therapy for lymphedema and venous diseases

Tune in to this episode of Outcomes Rocket MedTech where Andy, our founder and CEO talks with host Paul Grand , CEO of MedTech Innovator about Koya Medical addressing unmet patient needs and treatment gaps in lymphedema, a serious chronic condition that affects millions of Americans. Koya is a transformative healthcare company developing breakthrough treatments for lymphedema and venous diseases to increase movement mobility and personalized care that is unavailable with traditional compression therapy.

Andy discusses how his company’s reimagined treatment delivers improved quality of life for patients with movement and mobility problems. He talks about Dayspring’s advantage over existing solutions,  the recent 501k clearance from the FDA, and the new CMS code. He shares his thoughts on some important things an innovator needs like having the right backers, having a fantastic team who understands your mission, and being transparent with them. Get your notes ready because there’s plenty of things to learn from this interview with Andy.

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