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The Inspiration Behind Dayspring: An Interview with Andy Doraiswamy

Koya founder Andy Doraiswamy with his father

We conducted an interview with our founder, Andy Doraiswamy, to explore the motivation behind Dayspring and why revolutionizing venous and lymphatic care is a cause that holds a special place in his heart. The interview delved into his father's experience with lymphedema, which served as a source of inspiration.

Tell us a little bit about your father. What is your favorite childhood memory with him?

Andy: My father, a Civil Engineer, devoted his life to constructing the foundation for the Indian Railways, fueled by his inexhaustible energy. He has been consistently active, both physically and mentally, and has a particular fondness for racquet sports. One of my cherished recollections is playing tennis and badminton with him.

How did he develop lymphedema?

Andy: In his late 70s, my father encountered lymphedema in his legs. While for many individuals, lymphedema in the legs is caused by chronic venous disease, phlebolymphedema, in his case, it was a side effect of the treatments he underwent during his fight with cancer. The surgery and radiation he received entirely eradicated his lymph nodes, making his body unable to transport lymphatic fluid on its own, resulting in a lymphedema diagnosis.

What was his experience with lymphedema treatment?

Andy: As a part of his lymphedema therapy, my father was prescribed a pneumatic compression device (PCD) to use for an hour each day, in addition to other treatments like exercise and compression garments. The PCD utilized air to move excess fluid and required him to be connected to a wall outlet during its use. However, he encountered difficulties while using it alone and had to plan his schedule around the device's use, which had physical and emotional consequences for him. This was particularly challenging for someone who had a dynamic and enthusiastic approach to life. Additionally, since the device required him to be stationary, his calf muscle pump couldn't be activated, so he wasn’t getting the benefit of that.

How did that inspire Dayspring?

Andy: Realizing the significance of addressing the physical, clinical, and emotional needs of lymphedema patients while adhering to clinical standards of care, I was driven to discover a superior and practical solution. As movement and joint flexibility are essential for venous and lymphatic flow, they are critical factors for lymphedema patients. With this in mind, I collaborated with the world’s leading biomedical engineers, physicians, and scientists to harness the innovative technology of Flexframes and create Dayspring, as the next generation of venous and lymphatic care.

What is Lymphedema and What is Dayspring?

Andy: Lymphedema is a chronic condition that poses a global unmet need, currently lacking a cure. It can occur as a consequence of venous disease, as in the case of phlebolymphedema, or as a side effect of medical interventions like cancer treatment, surgery, or other conditions that damage the lymphatic system. This condition is characterized by the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the body, resulting in swelling that, if untreated, can lead to cellulitis and ulceration, and ultimately irreversible damage. At Koya, we were inspired to develop Dayspring, a practical and innovative solution for venous and lymphatic conditions. By introducing groundbreaking products and services, Dayspring aims to revolutionize the management of venous and lymphatic conditions, enabling people to live their lives to the fullest.

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