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4 critical care benefits lymphedema therapists provide

Doctor helping a female patient put a Dayspring compression sleeve on her arm

Lymphedema Therapists

Specialized lymphedema therapists teach you about techniques and equipment that can help reduce lymphedema swelling. Examples include exercises, manual lymph drainage, compression garments and compression systems.

For people with lymphedema, here are 4 critical care benefits lymphedema therapists provide:

1.      Lymphedema therapists are certified: Certified lymphedema therapists receive a minimum of 128 hours of specific lymphedema training. Training consists of one-third of classroom lectures and two-thirds of lab instruction. The National Lymphedema Network (NLN) and the Lymphology Association of North American (LANA) are two organizations that have recommended minimum standards for competency ,including 128-135 hours of training in decongestive therapy and hands-on experience with lymphedema patients.

2.     Services of Lymphedema therapists are often reimbursable: Billing lymphedema services to your health insurance can significantly reduce the amount that you will pay out-of-pocket. So, ask if your clinician is set up to bill health insurance and if they are in-network with your insurance.

3.     Partnering to restore your health: Lymphedema is not a condition to face alone. Working with a certified lymphedema therapist helps you minimize the effects of lymphedema. Lymphedema therapists provide you with the tools to manage the condition on your own. A certified lymphedema therapist has experience and success at reducing lymphedema symptoms.

4.      Help you choose the right lymphedema compression system: Studies show that lymphedema compression systems for your arms and legs can reduce cellulitis episodes, hospitalizations, outpatient hospital visits, and lymphedema-related healthcare cost. A lymphedema therapist will help you choose not only the best one for you based on not clinical data but also on mobility and lifestyle benefits that are important for you.

Ask your lymphedema therapist about Dayspring, from Koya Medical. Dayspring is the first active dynamic compression treatment for upper and lower extremities designed for movement and mobility while promoting lymph fluid flow.

Do these benefits show you the value a lymphedema therapist can have in helping you manage your lymphedema?

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