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Dayspring helps lymphedema patients celebrate freedom this July 4th

Fireworks exploding at night

Independence Day commemorates the freedom of the 13 colonies and the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776.

We celebrate this freedom today with fireworks, parades, cookouts, and being with friends and family to name just a few activities.

Dayspring, from Koya Medical, helps people with lymphedema or venous disease experience a new level of freedom. It is the first, portable active compression system created so patients can get the treatments they need while continuing to enjoy their daily living.

For patients with lymphedema, here are 3 ways Dayspring helps them celebrate their freedom this July .

1.      Freedom of mobility: According to AAA, more than 47.9 million Americans are set to trave land move about this July 4. This is the second-highest July 4thtravel volume on record. Dayspring supports freedom of mobility for patients traveling this holiday weekend. Dayspring is portable and provides a range of therapeutic pressures customized easily to address individual treatment needs wherever they are.

2.      Freedom of movement: Whether you’re moving your arm to flip burgers on the grill or kneeling down to say hi to a tiny family member, Dayspring supports lymphedema patients with a full range of motions. This movement that Dayspring makes possible activates the muscle pump so lymph can flow throughout daily activities and routines during treatment.

3.      Freedom to be present for life’s little moments: How each of us celebrates July 4th is personal to us. Whether it is cooking a special dish, observing a ceremony, or being someplace with family and friends, it’s a holiday we look forward to for moments we cherish. Dayspring has shown statistically significant improvement in quality of life for those using Dayspring compare to a traditional compression pump. With Dayspring, patients will be able to be more present for more of these moments this July 4th.

We wish you a happy, safe, and fun holiday this July 4th. How will you be celebrating it?

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